Elizabeth Louden

Elizabeth LoudenElizabeth Louden Pottery

My interest in pottery began while taking a ceramics class as an elective in college. Although I ended up majoring in Art History, I feel that my studies only confirmed my interest in lovingly crafted objects. It was research for a paper on the Arts and Crafts Movement that really reinforced in me the relevancy of handmade, utilitarian objects in contemporary society.

I continue to find inspiration through the arts and antiquities of a myriad of cultures, media and ages. The human urge for adornment is of particular interest to me. In my own work I love to explore contrasting textures, colors and patterns.

All of my work is made from porcelain that has been oxidation fired to cone 4. I mix the glazes and stain from scratch. All pieces are dishwasher, microwave and food-safe.