Rebecca May Verrill

Rebecca May Verrill CeramicsRebecca May Verrill Ceramics
250 Anderson St.
Portland, ME 04101
(575) 741-0109

Rebecca has been working with clay, teaching and firing kilns for nearly 20 years. She is a native of Western Maine, where she first developed her love of creating objects from the natural world. After 10 years in Taos, New Mexico, teaching art, building and firing wood kilns, she received her MFA in Ceramics at SUNY, New Paltz with a special focus on native clays.

Now Portland based, Rebecca’s current work is primarily wheel-formed earthenware, often altered, and low-fired in an electric kiln. Celebrating treasures one might find strolling the Maine woods, Rebecca uses lithography techniques from locally harvested plants, botanical illustrations and her own paper stencils to create contemporary surface designs.

For prolonged enjoyment of Rebecca’s wares, handwashing is recommended, and microwaving or oven use is not. All glazes are lead free and food safe. With proper care and handling, these unique earthenware vessels will last for many years. For best results, please avoid extreme shifts in temperature.

Maine Potters Market

Square red lidded jar with plants, $85