Betsy Levine

Betsy LevinePrescott Hill Pottery
261 Prescott Hill Rd.
Liberty, ME 04949
207 589.3399

I have always been interested in artifacts, in ancient historical records, symbols on bowls, marks on tablets, the very earliest impulses to put our 'prints on the sands of time,' to decorate the implements of necessity, and thereby to create magic in their use. Placing marks on a surface feels like a profound act of humanity. My pots are usually begun on the wheel. The round pots are then altered and/or carved. Contrasting slips are often applied, and these surfaces are then drawn on, carved or otherwise manipulated. The pots are then usually bisque-fired, and partially or fully glazed with wood-ash or traditional shino- and celadon-type glazes.

I enjoy the interplay of glazed and raw clay, and the subtle changes in light reflectivity and color variation that come from the sliding and pooling of ash glazes and atmospheric traces over manipulated surfaces. To me, the sheer joy of experimenting and refining-and then, committing a piece to the mystery of the fire-is a consuming passion. The fact that beautiful and useful objects result from this process is an amazing gift. It is my hope that the vessels I make will bring healing energy and joy to those who choose to live with them.

The pots are fired to cone 10 (2350 ?F). Unless specially noted, you can assume that they are vitreous, food-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe. Treat them well, and do not shock or drop them, and they should give many years of pleasurable service.