Neal and Barb Loken

Neal and Barb LokenLoken Pottery
26 Bowman Street
Farmingdale, ME 04344
207 582-1387

Neal and Barb enjoy the rhythm and pleasure of working at home, which includes an 1825 cape and eight acres shared with an orange Chow, a black mutt, and occasional deer, woodchucks, and wild turkeys. It's a rural setting with ample space for a studio, a garden, a bocce court and space for Tai Chi. There is easy access to a rail trail, canoeing, camping, art and music.

Neal throws most ware on the wheel but also has a real love for hand-building. His interest is in forms that work well for specific functions; a mug that fits well in the hand, a casserole that holds the heat, or a pitcher perfect for maple syrup. Barb, also a painter, decorates and glazes much of the ware, and also crafts clay pieces often with a whimsical twist. Potters since 1970, Neal and Barb still enjoy the challenge of experimenting, designing and decorating new forms.

The high fired stoneware is durable, suitable for dishwasher and microwave.