Jacqueline Hickey

Jackie HickeyHappy Valley Potworks
Jacqueline Hickey
133 Thyngs Mill Rd.
N. Waterboro, ME 04061

Happy Valley Potworks was established in 1983 with the completion of a barn and studio at Jacqueline's North Waterboro home. She has been making functional pottery for over 30 years. Her forms are either hand built or wheel thrown and often whimsical, created with a smile. The surfaces of her pieces are highly textured, and brightly colored glazes are applied to accentuate the texture. Despite the repetition of process and form, no two pieces are ever exactly alike, making each pot a unique creation.

It is this uniqueness that elevates something as simple as a mug to a very special, personal piece for the user; the mug might fit your hand perfectly or the bowl shows off your favorite salad with elegance. Jacqueline would like her pots to become your favorite well used pieces. It is her hope that her pottery will provide service, pleasure and beauty to you, your home and your table, for many years to come.

Jacqueline's pots are lead free, oven, dish- washer and microwave safe. They will not go from the refrigerator to a hot oven. Please temper.